CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color Systems. Confidence has never been so easy with coloring. CHI®️ Ionic Permanent Shine Color is the easiest and most reliable color line that you can imagine!

There is no guesswork with complicated formulations because the formula is already pre-mixed for you in the CHI®️ Ionic Color Tube! Formulating is just following the Four Easy Steps.

These steps are logical, step-by-step sequences, which will guide you to achieve your target color with precise accuracy and predictability.

Step 1: Determine the Natural Level You Are Starting From

Step 2: Determine the Level You Wish to Achieve

Step 3: Determine the Tone Desired

Step 4: Determine the Volume of Developer Needed


– Longer lasting color with unparalleled shine

– Richer more vibrant reds

– Sensational true brunettes

– Fiery coppers

– Pre-mixed Coverage Plus for 100% gray coverage

– Exceptional High Lift Blondes for up to 5 levels of lift and deposit



6% – Gray Hair, 9% – Not Gray Hair, Without our Oxygen, We DON'T guarantee the results of the hair color


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CHI Ionic (Light Beige Brown ) (6B)

CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color Systems

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